Top 3 Fitness Myths For Women

Fitness myths debunked. The truth about what works to change your physique

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Top Fitness Myths for Women

Have you ever wondered if the products that claim to get us in shape in a matter of days work? What about fad diets and exercise accessories, supplements or topical creams promising fast results? Well, keep reading to find out the top 3 fitness myths for women.

Fitness Marketing for Women

As a young teenage girl I remember buying fashion and fitness driven magazines with the interest in developing a fit physique myself. I was after the inside scoop on how these fitness models and celebrities would stay so fit, and I would mimic what they said they did to stay in shape. Often there were articles about the latest ab workout or fat burning exercises, which promised results in a flash. At the time, I honestly thought if I copied what these women are doing, then I too should be as fit and healthy as they looked. I later realized that I was bouncing around with all of this advice and information not knowing what was real or a myth, and kept buying more magazines because I still didn’t have the answers or the physical results.

Similar to my own experience, women today encounter lots of information about health and fitness from influencers to publications, and even word of mouth in the fitness community. But just because we have heard or read about the latest and greatest new fitness trend, it doesn’t mean it’s true. This large amount of information and advice we are fed from the media can be so confusing and hard to determine what is real or a myth. This can be so frustrating to not actually get results from the advice you follow and can take the motivation right out from under you.

Instead, I’ll breakdown the top three fitness myths for women and gain clarity on the common misconceptions. Most of these fitness myths are recycled in the media year after year through marketing to get the consumer to buy the latest and greatest miracle product or program. It doesn’t help when celebrities and models actually endorse these myths paired with promoting a product that won’t actually benefit women in their pursuit of health. As a woman who is concerned about maintaining a healthy body and mind, I think it’s time to clear things up and tell the truth about these myths.

1) I‘ll get big and bulky from lifting weights

This myth is the most common one I come across with female clients who are new to exercise. When women think of lifting weights we think of an exaggerated example of a very muscular woman that resembles a bodybuilder-like physique. Most women don’t find that extreme masculine bodybuilder-like physique attractive. Often women assume that if they pick up a heavy weight their muscles will grow immediately, and their physique will get bulky if they continue. Have no fear, this will not happen to you. Building a lot of muscle takes years of intense consistent training in the gym as well as being dedicated to a strict diet.

You will not bulk up with lifting weights; instead, you will develop a more fit physique by adding muscle and have an easier time burning fat. You see muscle burns more calories than any other bodily tissues. The more muscle you have on your frame, the faster your metabolism will be. Lifting weights will transform your body composition and you will be so happy to see your hard work paying off with a sculpted silhouette.

In addition, women are simply unaware of the non-aesthetic benefits of strength training including increasing bone density due to our higher risk of osteoporosis. When we lift heavy weights there is a biological process where our bodies lay down more bone material in response to the specific stress we get only from lifting weights. Not only will you feel great being stronger in general, but you are also helping your foundation become stronger as well.

2) Cardio is the only way to lose weight

Have no fear of the weights and put the cardio to the side. Trust me on this one. Cardio is not the only answer for losing weight and maintaining it over time. Even though cardio is great for our hearts and they need to be worked like other muscles, it’s not the only way to lose weight. Doing cardio activity for weight loss doesn’t provide the insurance that muscle does to maintain a higher metabolism. The more muscle mass you have on your body the more calories you will burn at rest.

Yes, cardio burns the most amount of calories than other activities for time spent, but you are better off with building a strong foundation of muscle so it’s easier for you to lose weight over time increasing your metabolism. If you only do cardio for losing weight your body will become more efficient at it and adapt, and in turn, it will require you to do more and more cardio to keep losing weight. This plan is not realistic and it doesn’t help you develop a fit physique at all, plus who wants to do all that cardio?

3) You can spot reduce fat

Ok, I’m going to save you from doing hundreds of sit-ups in an effort to spot reduce fat in your midsection. I know we all have come across Ab workouts that promise a visible six-pack without mentioning how to reduce overall body fat. Attempting to spot reduce fat by choosing exercises for a specific part of our body doesn’t work.

Why? Your body is genetically predisposed to storing fat in certain areas. When you begin to lose overall body fat, you’ll lose it in certain locations more than others, and this is simply due to genetics. We all have different shapes and carry weight differently. You may lose fat first in your thighs, then your butt, and the last at your midsection. Everyone is different and will lose fat in a different order due to genetics. So you can lose body fat all over, but not in a spot reducing process per body part. However, you can spot build muscle on your body by choosing a body part to focus on, and add muscle to your physique changing your body composition.

Now that we have those top three fitness myths for women cleared up, we know weight training is on your side and it’s the most efficient tool towards building muscle, becoming stronger and achieving that fit physique you’re after. So the next time you hear about the latest fitness quick fix, you now know the truth about making real changes in your body composition instead.

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